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Lawsuits for Chronic Diarrhea from Benicar

Throughout the United States, there are a lot of Benicar Lawsuits that are undergoing or that was in the courts because of the side effects that the blood pressure medication, Benicar has. The most common side effect that allows patients to sue the pharmaceutical companies that made this medication is chronic diarrhea and other stomach problems in the long run. Here are some facts around the lawsuits from the side effects from Benicar.

What are the Benicar Medication?

Benicar was a famous medication that many people have used for blood pressure medication. The Benicar is known as a blockbuster hypertension drug that the company, Daiichi Sankyo sold.

There was other blood pressure medication that Daiichi Sankyo also sold that had the same ingredient, olmesartanmedoxomilhad. These medications are:

  • Benicar HCT,
  • Azor, and
  • Tribenzor

In some cases, there were some patients that were suffering for years from these side effects that this medication had, before they were diagnosed correctly. And, there are even patients that have still side effects from these medications that they took, months back. This is why there are so many Benicar lawsuits that the company, Saiontz &Kirk, P.Ais handling at the moment.

Some complications that this medication has

The reason why there are so many Benicar lawsuits that this pharmaceutical company has to face, is because they fail to include and warn patients about the potential serious side effects that the Benicar has that can even lead to long term damage. The side effects that this company didn’t warn patients about are:

  • Chronic diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
  • Substantial weight loss that can become dangerous
  • Some Villous Atrophy in some patients
  • And, Misdiagnosis of Celiac Disease and not a side effect from the Benicar medication.

All these side effects are serious and can become life threatening if the reason for these symptoms isn’t diagnosed fast enough. Even if this medication is stopped, there are still some people that are still having some side effects like long-lasting gastrointestinal damage and chronic malnourishment.

The warnings about Benicar medication

It came clear in 2013 that there are a lot of side effects of Benicar and the other blood pressure medication from Daiichi Sankyo. In July 2013, the FDA has delivered a warning about all the side effects of using Benicar. This is then that consumers were getting aware of the reasons why they are suffering from an illness that no one could explain.

The warnings were added to the label of Benicar later in 2013 to make patients aware of the risks that they are taking when they are using this medication. These warnings that were added to the label come 10 years after these medications were approved and released to the public as safe medication for managing your blood pressure. This is the reason why patients can start the Benicar lawsuit against this company. They lied about the side effects that this medication has.

There were so many patients that rely on the Benicar to keep their blood pressure under control. And in the meantime, the medication gave them other health problems like chronic diarrhea and vomiting. The result is that these patients can start the Benicar lawsuits against the company for the side effects that they suffered because of this drug.



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